February 13, 2014


The Workshop Meeting of the Hayden Area Regional Sewer Board was held on February 13, 2014, in the City of Hayden Council Chambers at 8930 N. Government Way, Hayden, ID.

Roll Call was then taken:

City of Hayden- Stefan Chatwin-present

            Hayden Lake Recreational Water and Sewer District- Todd Walker-present

            Kootenai County- Dan Green- present


Also Present:    Ken Windram, Hayden Area Regional Sewer Board-Administrator; Stephanie
Oliver, Hayden Area Regional Sewer Board-Secretary

The meeting was called to order by Todd Walker, Chairman at 1:02 p.m...

Stephanie Oliver presented the committee members with the FCS report pages, the draft joint powers agreement, and the minutes from the previous meetings.

Termination and/or Arbitration

Stefan Chatwin indicated that he discussed this with the City of Hayden attorney and that we do not want mediation in the agreement.

See enclosed draft joint powers agreement for possible termination language, discussion occurred and it was decided to take all mediation out of the agreement.  Discussion occurred regarding the time frame needed for the termination.  It was decided that the Board needs at least 180 days. 

Flow Based O & M Charge Discussion

Discussion occurred on whether we wish to put flow based possibilities into the agreement. I.e. flow meters that give us the sewer flow for the homes, and/or businesses.

The City of Hayden indicated that they discussed this and their sewer financial plan recommended against this.  Residential is based on the ability to use the service, not how much you use of the service.  Non-residential is a different item and should be flow based.

Discussion occurred on how the current billing to the entities occurs.

The committee feels that how we have currently set up the system is how we want to leave it, and it should not matter to HARSB how they bill their customers.

Dry Pipe Fee

Review the FCS group Wastewater Financial Implementation Plan Final Report December 2009 page 21, see exhibit 19.

The Committee thought that if legal, this is what they would like to see added to the joint powers agreement.


Other Discussions

After we cleanup  this agreement, we will submit draft to entities to review, and then we will meet again if needed; otherwise, we will send it to the attorneys to put into final legal form.

We need to add that all decisions are by majority, except where indicated.

We need to add a definition: ER

The HARSB Board will have the option to purchase back the ER’s at the cost they were purchased from HARSB, or at the price that the HARSB Board determines.


Meeting was adjourned at 2:00 p.m...




Todd Walker, Chairman                                                          Stephanie Oliver, Secretary