November 19, 2009


The regular meeting of the Hayden Area Regional Sewer Board was held on November 19, 2009, in the City of Hayden, Council Chambers at 8930 N. Government Way, Hayden, ID.


Present:           Stefan Chatwin, Tom DePew, Gerry House, Ron McIntire, Richard Piazza




Also Present:   Ken Windram, Hayden Area Regional Sewer Board-Facility System Manager; Stephanie Oliver, Hayden Area Regional Sewer Board-Secretary; Paul Klatt, J-U-B Engineering; Larry Comer, Welch, Comer and Associates; Jeff Zaugg, City of Hayden-City Engineer; Kacie Tollefson, Magnuson, McHugh & Co; Shirley Carter, Hayden Area Regional Sewer Board- Chief Operator


The meeting was called to order by Gerry House, Chairman at 3:00 p.m. 


It was moved by Tom DePew, and seconded by Richard Piazza, to approve the agenda as presented.  Motion Carried.


It was moved by Ron McIntire, and seconded by Tom DePew, to approve the minutes of the October 15, 2009 regular meeting.  Motion carried. 


Paul Klatt and Jeff Zaugg arrived at 3:05 p.m...


Audit Report


Kacie Tollefson presented the audit report for the year ending September 30, 2009 in which we received an unqualified opinion (highest level of assurance they can give that our financial statements are presented fairly, in all material respects), see enclosed report from Magnuson, McHugh and Co., P.A...  It was moved by Ron McIntire, and seconded by Tom DePew, to approve the Audit Report.  Motion Carried. 


Kacie Tollefson left at 3:12 p.m...



Engineer’s Reports


J-U-B Engineering- Paul Klatt

Paul Klatt discussed the TMDL and Draft NPDES permit limits that are being looked at currently.  The current number is 36 micrograms per liter phosphorus, which means we need to plan to have the plant operate at 25 micrograms per liter phosphorus to meet requirements.  See attached block drawing regarding initial proposed stages-, needed to meet compliance and then looking toward future expansion. The orange color represents the next major phase for expansion and biological removal, with the pink color being the stage we just completed with some additional aspects still needed for the plant and land application site.  The green color goes into future expansion for new users; same applies to the blue color with greater mgd flow. Ken Windram also discussed some decisions that need to be made for the master plan.  The difference and reasoning of using smaller vs. larger oxidation ditches, and using a primarily biological vs. chemical process facility.  Discussion occurred regarding the processes presented, and the difference between biological and chemical processes in facilities.  J-U-B Engineering is looking at having a Draft Facility Master Plan ready for the Board in January 2010, the Board asked for these options to be presented with costs, both short and long term estimates.


Welch-Comer Engineering- Larry Comer 

Larry Comer discussed the BNSF Railroad lease proposal of $26,000 a year; the Board had directed a counter offer of $26,000 once with $1.00 a year thereafter, see attached letter that was sent.


Ken Windram also commented that we are still trying to set up a meeting with Roy Armstrong, the landowner on Huetter HARSB is interested in getting an easement for the outfall line from.




It was moved by Stefan Chatwin, and seconded by Tom DePew, to approve the October Financial Reports (Construction and O & M). Motion Carried.  Stephanie Oliver discussed the final payment schedule and returns from 2008-2009, see enclosed schedule.  The current ER count was also looked at and discussed, see enclosed report.


Gerry House is pursuing the legality of using the Board funds for Hayden Lake Recreational Water and Sewer District or the City of Hayden to borrow on a month- by- month basis to pay interest to HARSB instead of a bank, and will have more information next month.


It was moved by Ron McIntire, and seconded by Tom DePew, to pay the presented bills. Motion carried.



Administrative Reports


Ken Windram gave his administrative report, which is attached hereto.

Discussion occurred regarding the TMDL comment letter and our attorney Gary Allen’s suggestion regarding asking Senator Crapo and his staff to broker a deal with DOE.  A conference call meeting is set up for November 20, 2009 with Post Falls, HARSB and the attorney attending.  Questions arose of when/or if we need to look at filing legal action regarding the standards that are being issued.


Ken discussed an effluent chlorine residual monitoring system proposal, see attached proposal.  It was moved by Stefan Chatwin, and seconded by Tom DePew, to proceed with getting a preliminary design and cost analysis done.  Motion Carried.


Ken then presented the “Wipes Clog Pipes!” brochure, and that they were being handed out on Saturday, November 21, 2009 by two Boy Scout and one Girl Scout Troop.   Gerry House would like an estimate on the costs in the last fiscal year for the replacing of pumps due to this type of issue.


Shirley Carter gave her operations report, which is attached hereto.

Avondale Lift Station was discussed, and that the spare pumps were wired wrong from the United contractor.  The Board feels that United Pump needs to rewire these correctly without a fee.


Shirley also updated the Board on our Safety Awards through the PNCWA, see enclosed report.


Shirley will be contacting the City of Hayden, regarding some night time jetting needing to be done in critical areas the first week of December providing weather and other conditions allow.



Entity Reports


City of Hayden- Jeff Zaugg gave an update on the Wal-Mart construction with the H-2 lift station.  


Hayden Lake Recreational Water and Sewer District- no report


Kootenai County- Richard Piazza presented a report on what was happening at the CDA airport, see enclosed report.



Facility Financial Plan Status Update


Ken Windram presented the FCS final report re-write, see enclosed final report.  A question/ answer session will be set up for the next Board meeting December 17, 2009.  



SEP Fund


City of Hayden is still working on this.



Vactor Repair


Ken Windram presented the paperwork for the cost savings found by Brock Morrow on a switch that was needed to repair the vactor pump switch, see enclosed comparison.



Overtime Policy


Ken Windram talked about some situations that have come up regarding overtime, and presented a request for policy change from the Board, see enclosed policy change.   It was moved by Ron McIntire, and seconded by Tom DePew, to accept the presented Section #9 Work Periods as presented.  Motion Carried.



Parker Ag Biosolid Agreement


Ken Windram talked about his visit to the Parker Ag Ritzville biosolid visit, see enclosed report.  It was moved by Stefan Chatwin, and seconded by Tom Depew, to accept and move on the Parker Ag Contract, pending final legal contract review from the city attorney Nancy Stricklin.  Motion Carried.



Moved to adjourn meeting by Tom DePew, and seconded by Ron McIntire, at 4:30 p.m... Motion carried. 




Gerry House, Chairman                                  Stephanie Oliver, Secretary